Merlion, the symbol of Singapore
This post is a complete show off since we've not been here for more than 24 hours. However, it's worth telling what we've experienced in this short time in the chaotic and truly multicultural Singapore. Because if I could define Sinapore, it'd definately be that: chaotic and multicultural. Chaotic because there's people everywhere, people walking along sharing the road with cars, bicycles, children and dirt, beautifully mixing together in a chaos that after watching it for a while in awe, you seem to start to understand how it works, and it doesn't seem so chaotic after all, if you know what I mean. It's a bit like watching the swallows in spring flying like torpedos so close to each other that you get the impression that they are going to crash anytime but, eventually, they never do.

Anyway, we arrived late but without wasting anytime headed straight to the city. We weren't sure were to go and we were discussing it when an indian man approached us, asked us where we wanted to go, helped us out with purchasing the tickets, and vanished a while later. The generosity of everyone we've come across so far in this mini trip is been absolutely amazing.

Street perfomances, always joyful to witness

Also very pleasedly surprising is how so many "different" people live together in close cohabitation. So far we've visited a mosque, a chrisitan church, a hindú temple and a budhist temple, all in the same area, walking distance from one another!And aparently peacefully!

Little India, a beautiful mess

Apparently is safer in southeast asia to drink beer than water. What a pity.

Judge not, and you shall not be judged.

At this point we were really knackered

One last silly pic before heading back to the airport

In essence, it's been good. Essentially Singapore is a very big city with lots to do, shame we don't have time for anymore. But this is the beggining of our voyage through Asia, so, let the ride begin!

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