Jack Freeman, a human right activist in China.

What's it like to be a human rights activist in China?

"The truth should be released at any cost"

Jack Freeman is a man with a mission, to spread the word, to let everybody know what's going on in China, the truth. He is a human rights activist here, in China, one of the few places in the world where it's highly illegal to say anything against the goverment. His fate could vary from imprisionment to simply dissapearing. But Jack's not afraid. He told me before the interview he would not omit anything, he would speak his mind openly; "I think the truth should be released, at any cost".

This is his story.


  1. 一个中国人讲自己国家的坏话来讨好外国人真让人瞧不起!他才几岁呀,吃中国的喝中国的还唠叨着中国算什么能耐!

    1. 你有好好看过么。他在中国主要做两件事,为那些工人维权。为冤枉的人洗脱冤屈。全在做好事。

  2. Saludos desde Islas Baleares, quiero desearte un muy feliz 2015, veo que vuestro blog va viento en popa, te dejo el enlace de uno de los mios, espero me sigas como yo a ti, en fin.... up to you colega!!!