When magic happens in teaching

Life is a long walkabout. We search for a path to follow, for being something or being part of something, we believe in doing things despite knowing that we are going to be on this planet only for a limited amount of time, so why bother? 
I think I have found my path in teaching now, but maybe is only an illusion, maybe is just something I´m meant to do for a little while longer until I find something else. 
Some people are meant to do great things, and they know it. I´m not, I only want to pass by. And teaching has opened me a great deal of experiences, I´m able to reach within a person far beyond most passersby would do in our lives, but why? A friend told me not long ago that is because people are desperate to be listened to, they need to blurt out so much that they don´t care who listens as long as someone is on the other side, same way as someone who tells a random taxi driver their deepest and darkest secrets, knowing that they are unable to help, but feeling somehow relieved afterwards.

China brought me down in many ways. Massive mindless consumption, incomprehensible selfishness and oblivious to everything around mind set, and since for me teaching has always been a way to communicate and spread a good message, I was devastated. But every now and again, magic happens.Just like a few weeks ago when I received this email: 

Hi Seb ,long time no see,how are you?I´m now going to the college ,my major is emergency medicine. When I graduate,I want to go to Africa and help the refugees ,I believe you are saying like this :are you afraid of Africa ?but now I am not anymore. So see you when I graduate

Thing is, that this was one of those many teenagers that I taught that were completely clueless about what was going on around them; classed societies, environment issues, poverty, even their own political situation and what is the government doing in their own country. So what a surprise to one day, out of the blue, this boy suddenly wants to go to Africa and help refugees!So I replied and asked what had happened for that mind set to change so dramatically, to which he responds:

First of all,because my air crash dream(Something to do with a dream about he having a plane crash and having to survive in the middle of a deserted island in the middle of nowhere),secondly just look at the African poor people,homeless,they have nothing but their smile . They can live so happy without anything, and I want to help people from over the world and organize a kind of international organizations like Red Cross to help people who really need help.maybe it's too absurd,but who knows? A girl can win the Nobel prize when she was eight.maybe I can win one by the way good luck to you 

"They have nothing but their smile..." Honestly? A guy that his only goal in life was to have a Lamborghini and a mansion was now really thinking of making a difference in the world?

After tears and sweat, and giving up and leave the country, this comes to me like a breath of fresh air. After all, mission was accomplished.

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  1. Yes it is a long walk, thanks for sharing, wishing you a very good 2016!!!